Chat in Context

Chat alongside your work

Streamline your workflow with team chat built into every document and spreadsheet; plus team chat rooms and 1:1 messaging.

Chat in Quip

Teams using Quip communicate with 43% less email*

Take your workday back

Reclaim the time you spend searching through email and regrouping in conference rooms. Quip keeps feedback and input tethered to the work with built-in document chat, so you can make the best use of your time.

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Always have context

When conversations, decisions, and edits are right there alongside the document, it's easy to get up to speed on your team's work (and stay that way).

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Break down silos

Teams work better when work is transparent and discoverable instead of trapped in inboxes. Quip enables teams to communicate within and about their work like never before.

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Stay up to date

With Quip, it's easy to communicate on the go, just like with text messages. Push notifications let you know if someone's communicating with you directly —in a chat room, document, or 1:1 message — so you can jump right in to the action.

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Get things done faster

Having everything in one place, with a fast and useful mobile experience, removes roadblocks for you and your team. Teams using Quip complete projects faster, with fewer meetings and better communication.*

Chat in QuipChat in Quip

*Customer Relationship Survey conducted September 2016 among 683 customers.

“As a distributed team, having the conversation within the flow of the actual content is huge for our productivity.” Ryan Hoover Founder, Product Hunt
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The stuff that counts

Everything your team needs to communicate and collaborate effectively without email.

1:1 MESSAGES – Directly message your team members alongside your work

READ RECEIPTS – Bring greater transparency to your work and team

FUN STUFF – Let loose with emojis, Giphy, and memes

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS – Customize notifications to your liking and stay up to speed

LINKING – Easily link to any doc, spreadsheet, folder, or chat room for easy access

OFFLINE – Quip will send your messages as soon as you have an internet connection.

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